• Lots of play sand (make sure it's the kind of sand you can sprinkle and that it's not the kind that may be too wet)
  • 1 large cardboard box
  • Lots of all-purpose white glue and brush
  • 1 disposable roasting pan
  • 1 ice cream container
  • 1 round margarine container
  • 3 small round yogurt or applesauce containers
  • 2 boxes from aluminium foil
  • 2 cardboard tubes (from rolls of paper towels)
  • 1 lid from glue or dish soap bottle (with a small hole in the top)
  • Large pasta shells
  • Lollipop stick
  • Piece of paper, cut into a flag shape
  • Safety scissors
  • Tape
  1. Empty a bag of dry play sand into a cardboard box.
  2. Use tape to adhere the flag-shaped piece of paper to a lollipop stick.
  3. Snip with scissors around the top and bottom of the 2 cardboard tubes.
  4. Fold down every other section you have snipped to look like "castleations" and cut these off with scissors.
  5. At the bottom of each tube, fold all the sections out as this will be the base and help the cardboard tube to stick and stand up on your castle.
  6. Paint a disposable roasting pan with lots of glue.
  7. Place this into the sand and sprinkle sand all over it until covered. Leave to dry.
  8. Repeat this will all the containers: the ice cream container, the round margarine container, the yogurt or applesauce containers, 2 kitchen roll cardboard tubes and 2 aluminium foil boxes, and the lid from a glue or dish soap container.
  9. When all are dry, assemble your castle. First lay the disposable roasting pan down (upside down).
  10. On top, position and glue on the ice cream container.
  11. On top of the ice cream container, glue and place on the margarine container.
  12. On top of the margarine container, glue and place on the yogurt or apple sauce containers.
  13. Push the lollipop stick flag into the hole in the dish soap lid. Place and glue this on top of the yogurt pot.
  14. At the back, on either side of the ice cream container, position and glue the aluminium foil boxes.
  15. On top of the foil boxes, place and glue the 2 yogurt or applesauce containers.
  16. At the front, on either side of the ice cream container, position and glue the cardboard tubes.
  17. Place and glue large pasta shells around the base of your sandcastle.