Construction paper in different colors: light orange, yellow, white, red, black

Black crayon or marker

All-purpose white glue

Safety scissors

  1. To make Ernie's head, cut a large oval (almost the shape of a football) from the orange paper.
  2. To make Ernie's ears, cut 2 small semi-circles from the left-over orange paper
  3. To make Ernie's hair, cut small triangles from the black paper
  4. To make Ernie's mouth, cut a large semi-oval from the red paper
  5. To make Ernie's nose, cut a medium-sized circle from the rest of the red paper
  6. To make Ernie's eyes, cut 2 medium-sized ovals from the center of a white piece of paper
  7. Draw black circles inside the white ovals to make the center of Ernie's eyes.
  8. Glue the head, hair, and ears to the rest of the white paper just like the picture.
  9. Glue the mouth, eyes, and nose to the head, just like the picture.
  10. Enjoy!