• 1 cardboard 12-egg carton
  • Lots of old magazines
  • Pictures printed of various things you might see on your road trip
  • Some small tasty treats
  • Glue stick
  1. Tear up lots of colored pieces from magazines.
  2. Using a glue stick, decorate the front of your egg box with the colored pieces. You can make a picture, or just make it colorful.
  3. Cut out different small pictures of items you might see from your seat in the car while on a road trip. You should have 12 pictures, one for each section of the egg carton.
  4. Using a glue stick, adhere each picture onto one of the sections in your egg carton.
  5. With the egg carton open, place your treats into the top portion of the carton.
  6. You are now ready to play Egg Box Bingo. All you need now is to go on a road trip!
  7. To play Egg Box Bingo: When you spot something outside the car window that is on one of the pictures, put a tasty treat in the corresponding egg holder. When you have spotted everything in one row - either a short line up or a long line across -shout "Bingo!" Then you get to eat the tasty treats in those rows. Or you can play full house bingo: Only when you have spotted every picture in your egg box can you shout "Bingo!" and then you get to eat all the tasty treats.