• Duct tape in any color or pattern
  • Scissors
  • A ruler
  1. Measure and cut a 7 inch strip of tape then place it on the table with the sticky side facing up
  2. Measure and cut another 7 inch strip of tape and place it on the table with the sticky side facing down midway along the first strip of tape.
  3. Fold first strip of tape over second strip of tape to create the top border.
  4. Flip wallet over and repeat Step 2 until there is a 4 strip by 7 inch square of duct tape, then fold the bottom over to create the bottom border.
  5. Fold the wallet over to create a 2 strip by 2 strip bi-fold
  6. Trim the side borders of the wallet to create even edges.
  7. Now cut 2, 9 inch strips of tape to create side borders.
  8. With the wallet still folded over, place a 9 inch strip of tape over top of it with the wallet sitting in the middle of the tape with an inch of tape hanging off each side.
  9. Fold the excess tape over on the backside of the wallet, then turn the wallet back over and repeat Step 8, and it’s done!

Go above and beyond with pockets

  1. Create a 2 strip by 7 inch duct tape rectangle repeating Steps 1-4 from the previous tutorial.
  2. Repeat Steps 5-7 of the previous tutorial, and then place the wallet inside the newly created pocket. As seen below:
  3. With the wallet inside the created pockets, repeat Steps 8 & 9. Then it’s done!