• 2 straight (but light) sticks from the garden - one longer than the other
  • 1 small plastic bottle
  • 1 plastic bag (from loaf of bread)
  • Clear adhesive contact paper, cut into 2 rectangles (one larger than the other)
  • Petals, leaves or other items found outside
  • String
  • Tape
  • Safety scissors
  1. Fold the adhesive paper into a kite shape and cut out to make a kite.
  2. Make another kite shape about 2 centimeters smaller all-around using the adhesive paper.
  3. Place two sticks on to the adhesive paper - the longer stick going from top to bottom point of the kite and the shorter stick going from the side to side points of the kite.
  4. Leave a 2 centimeter gap from the top and bottom of each stick to the edge of the sticky back plastic.
  5. Using tape, tape the sticks together in the middle making sure you keep them straight.
  6. Next, tape a length of string to the top of the vertical stick and frame it around each corner of the sticks to make the outline of a kite.
  7. Tape the string to the end of each stick.
  8. Tape the larger piece of adhesive paper, sticky side up - to the table.
  9. Stick on petals, leaves and other items found outside to decorate your kite. Make sure to stick them on face down.  Do not stick anything around the edges (leave about a 2 centimeter border).
  10. Now, using the smaller piece of adhesive paper, peel off the backing and stick on top of the larger piece, leaving 2 centimeters around the edge.
  11. Place the two sticks on top of the adhesive paper and fold the remaining edge of the adhesive paper over the string to make a kite shape.  You can secure the ends of the sticks with some tape if needed.
  12. To make the tail of the kite, take the plastic bag and cut strips from the opening, down to the bottom, but do not cut all the way through the bottom.
  13. Roll this from one side to the other from the bottom end and secure with some sticky tape.
  14. Now attach the tail to the bottom end of the kite using tape.
  15. Tie a short piece of string from one side to the other side of the horizontal stick.
  16. Take a really long piece of string and tape one end onto a plastic bottle and wind it around until all the sting is around the bottle. 
  17. Tie the end of this string to the middle of the string that you tied onto the horizontal stick.
  18. Now all that is left to do is go fly your kite in the wind.