• Red tissue paper
  • Tulle, sparkly fabric, or wax paper
  • Star garland, ribbon, yarn, or metallic twist ties
  • Plastic egg, large or small
  • Items to fill egg with
  • Safety scissors
  1. Fill plastic eggs with a small treat that compliments your Solar System party. You may want to try small, marble-shaped cookies to represent tiny planets or asteroids!
  2. Cover a plastic egg with tulle, sparkly fabric, or wax paper then top with red tissue paper.
  3. Using star garland (widely available at local craft stores), ribbon, yarn, or metallic twist ties, tie closed at the base of the egg  then arrange the end into beautiful comet tails by spreading the two layers.
  4. Using safety scissors, cut the tail to the desired length, trimming so that both layers show even better!
  5. Your cosmic favors are complete!

Tip: Lay them in small foil pie plates around your party or display all of them in a large foil pan or shoebox covered with foil and use as a party decoration