• Red play clay
  • Red glitter
  • Blue paint
  • 1 pie tin
  • 1 empty margarine/butter container
  • 1 large yogurt or ricotta cheese container
  • Small plastic clear container with lid
  • A piece of black paper
  • Battery-operated tea light
  • Aluminium foil
  • Jug of water
  1. On a non-stick surface, roll out the play clay.
  2. Sprinkle red glitter all over the clay. Fold over the side of the clay, push flat again and repeat until all the glitter is mixed evenly throughout the clay.
  3. Push some clay into an empty margarine container and turn it out.
  4. Cover the margarine container with aluminium foil and place upside down in the pie tin.
  5. Place the clay from the margarine mold on top of the covered upside-down margarine container.
  6. Roll out a tube of clay and push down either side with both hands to make it into a triangular shape.
  7. Fold a piece of black paper and place it on the top of the triangular play clay. Sit it on top of the clay from the margarine container.
  8. Push clay into a yogurt or ricotta cheese container and turn it out. Place this next to the triangular shaped clay.
  9. Place a battery-operated tealight in the empty plastic clear container and close the lid.
  10. Place this on top of the molded clay from the yogurt or ricotta cheese container.
  11. Roll out some clay into a ball and then push around the sides using your hands to shape it into a peak. Place this on top of the lid of the clear plastic container.
  12. Pour some water into the pie tin and mix in a little blue paint to turn the water blue.