1. To make Chica's head, cut a large circle from the light-orange paper.
  2. To make Chica's feather collar, cut small triangles from the rest of the light-orange paper.
  3. To make Chica's upper beak, cut a medium-sized triangle from the yellow paper.
  4. To make Chica' lower beak, cut a semi-circle from the yellow paper
  5. To make Chica's comb, cut three red rectangles from the red paper, each one a little smaller than the last.
  6. To make Chica's eyelashes, cut small triangles from the black paper.
  7. To make Chica's eyes, cut two circles from the center of the white paper.
  8. Draw a black circle on each of the white circles to be the center of Chica's eyes.
  9. Glue the head, comb, and feather collar to the rest of the white paper.
  10. Glue the upper beak, lower beak, eyes and eyelashes to the head.