• Laundry baskets, large baskets, or boxes
  • Fabric, sheets, or burlap to cover baskets or boxes (burlap is inexpensive and will look just like a little nest)
  • Dress-up items (enough for each team to have their own basket)
  • Each basket should include (clothing should be large enough to put on easily):
  • Hat or wig
  • Sunglasses (the sillier the better)
  • Tie, scarf or boa
  • Gloves or mittens
  • Shirt, vest, or wings
  • Shorts, skirt, or hula skirt
  • Towels (as a decoy to make the game trickier)
  1. Cover baskets or boxes with fabric, sheets, or burlap to look like little dress-up nests.
  2. Plan the number of baskets or boxes based on the number of guests you expect. Fill each team's basket with the dress-up items listed above, the crazier the better.
  3. Group children into teams of 3 if possible. Ask one child in each team to volunteer to be Chica.
  4. After an adult yells "Go!" the player that will be Chica stands near the nest (basket of clothes) and waits for players to find dress up clothing in the basket.
  5. They hand them to the player as they find them and the Chica puts them on as fast as possible.
  6. Players race to be the first team to dress their human Chica. The first team to have a fully decked out Chica wins! Play again if Sproutlets squawk for more!