• Golden yellow felt (for body and wings)
  • Bright yellow felt (for belly and beak)
  • Red felt (for crest and tongue)
  • Black felt (for eyelashes)
  • Brown felt (for nest)
  • Googly eyes (11mm)
  • Cotton balls
  1. Print out two copies of the Chica
    beanbag cutout
    to use as a pattern.
  2. Using safety scissors, cut out each piece.
  3. To create Chica's fingers, cut a a fringe at the tip of each wing.
  4. To make the beanbags as a party craft for preschoolers, it may be helpful to
    partially assemble each beanbag in advance (Tip: attach body pieces
    together, add nest, eyelashes, and googly eyes, then save the rest of the work
    for your party guests
  5. Glue all the way around the bottom and sides, leaving an inch open on the
    top. The top should stay open to fill the beanbag.
  6. At your party, create a station with an adult helper to write a name on the
    back of each child's Chica.
  7. Pre-package all of the parts for each Chica in individual baggies so they
    will be easier to pass out at your party. 
  8. Allow children to glue on faces and crests.
  9. Help children fill the beanbags with small beans.
  10. Seal the beanbag closed with glue. Let dry before use.