• 2 popsicle sticks
  • 1 black lid
  • 1 round doily
  • 1 old wedding photo
  • 2 small thin rectangles cut from white cardstock (for the bride's arms)
  • 2 small thin rectangles cut from black cardstock (groom's arms)
  • 1 rectangle cut from black cardstock (groom's jacket)
  • 1 triangle cut from white cardstock (for the groom's shirt)
  • 1 red felt tip pen
  • Red tissue paper
  • Sticky putty
  • Glue stick
  • Tape
  • Safety scissors

To make the bride:

  1. Fold a round paper doily in half and then half again. Tape together the two ends.
  2. Cut a small hole in the top point of the doily to fit the popsicle stick through.
  3. Push the popsicle stick through the doily and tape in place (to make the bride's dress).
  4. Stick two thin rectangles of white cardstock to either side of the doily to make the bride's arms.
  5. Scrunch a piece of red tissue paper up and twist at the end.
  6. Tape to the end of the arms to look like a bouquet of red flowers.
  7. Get an old wedding photo of the bride and groom you wish to make cake toppers for.
  8. Cut out the bride's head using scissors (keep the veil on if she is wearing one)
  9. Stick the bride's head to the top of the popsicle stick.

To make the groom:

  1. To make the groom's tuxedo, tape the black rectangle to the middle a popsicle stick.
  2. Tape the small thin rectangle arms to both sides of the black rectangle shirt.
  3. Glue on the white triangle to the large rectangle to look like the groom's shirt.
  4. Draw on a bow tie using the red felt top pen.
  5. Scrunch up a piece of red tissue paper and glue to the side of the jacket to look like a flower.
  6. Cut the head of the groom from the photo.
  7. Glue the head to the top of the popsicle stick.
  8. Push some sticky putty into a black oil bottle lid.
  9. Attach the groom's top hat by pushing the top of the popsicle stick into the sticky putty.
  10. Now, push the bottom of each of the popsicle sticks into the anniversary cake.