• 1 large oatmeal container
  • 1 colored paper plate
  • 3 straws
  • White construction paper (to cover the oatmeal container)
  • Paint in red and yellow
  • Tissue paper in red, orange and yellow
  • Cotton balls
  • Small pom poms
  • Plastic zip-top sandwich bag
  • Sponges
  • Craft glue
  • Safety scissors
  1. Dip the sponge in yellow paint and sponge paint all over the long strip of paper that will go around the oatmeal container. Let dry.
  2. In a plastic zip-top sandwich bag, mix red paint craft glue. Mix thoroughly.
  3. Push the mixture towards one corner of the bag and make a tiny snip across the corner using safety scissors.
  4. Squeeze the paint mixture across the middle of the sponge painted piece of paper to look like a jam filling. Let dry.
  5. Decorate the lid of the oatmeal container to look like the top of a birthday cake. Squeeze glue all around the edge of the lid.
  6. Stick on cotton wool balls all the way around.
  7. To make candles, cut 3 straws in half.
  8. To make flames, tear orange, red and yellow tissue paper and twist together at the end. Make 3 flames.
  9. Push the twisted end into each straw.
  10. Use tape to attach each straw on to the container lid.
  11. Finish the icing of the cake by gluing tiny pom poms onto each cotton ball.
  12. When the sponge painted paper is dry, tape it around the oatmeal container.
  13. Tape the container onto a paper plate to look like a cake stand.