• 3 pieces white construction paper
  • 1 plastic lid (about four or five inches from side to side)
  • All-purpose white glue or tape
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Safety scissors
  1. On one piece of white construction paper, use the pencil to trace three
    circles around the plastic lid.
  2. Using safety scissors, cut out the three circles.
  3. Arrange the circles so that they overlap and lay slightly on top of each
    other and paste the three circles onto a new piece of white construction paper.
  4. Using the ruler as a guide, tear or cut the last piece of white paper into
    long, straight strips.
  5. Tape or paste the paper strips along the bottom of the construction paper on
    the opposite side of the three circles.
  6. Adjust and tape the strips to fit as a hatband around your head.