1. Cut the tabs off the top of the cereal box.
  2. Print the helmet cutouts, color, and set aside.
  3. Using safety scissors, cut an oval in the cereal box about 2-3 inches above the bottom for your Astro-Sprout's face.
  4. Ask your child to try the helmet on and mark where the tops of their shoulders are when their face is in the oval. Remove the box from your child's head, and cut sides to make and upside down "U" for shoulders.
  5. Cover one side of the box with glue, and attach aluminum foil, by laying the sticky box on a large strip of foil.
  6. Flip to glue both sides, ends, and top, gluing and wrapping -similar to wrapping a gift box.
  7. Secure loose pieces with clear tape.
  8. Glue on the helmet cutouts and let dry .