Astroblast! Rocket Rush

Soar through space as each crew member, unlocking cool new parts for each ship as you go!

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Zou's App

With Zou's App, you will discover for free Zou's universe, as well as his parents' and other relatives through puzzles, coloring pages, mini-games and more spread out in Zou's house!

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Games and Videos

You and your preschooler can enjoy Sprout on the go! The Sprout Games & Videos app recreates the fun, interactive playtime of
Now featuring Sprout Scribbler!

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Sprout Now

Sprout Now is now your destination for your favorite Sprout shows! Watch online or download the FREE app today!

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Chica's Adventure

Join Chica and explore fun-filled worlds as you run, hop and fly through four exciting adventures! Try to find all the prizes on each level! Now available for purchase on the App Store!

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Sprout a Sandy Story

Every sand picture tells a story! Now with the Sprout Sandy Stories App, preschoolers can create their very own sand pictures and stories — just like Nina!

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Dress Chica

To help Chica get dressed, select hats, scarves, and more by touching the pictures and dragging them onto Chica! Shake the phone to hear Chica chirp and to make her dance. NEW look and feel!

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Send to Sprout

Sharing with Sprout is easier than ever! You can upload your child's photos, videos and artwork for a chance to be on Sprout TV!

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Chica's Silly Songs

“Sproutlets” can make their own fun songs and send them to Sprout! Their tunes might play on the Sunny Side Up Show!

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Super Gear Adventure

Help “Sproutlets” get geared up for super-fun missions — just like Bean and friends on the Super Sproutlet Show!

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Family Challenge

Explore ways that you and your child can get moving towards a healthier, active lifestyle with your favorite Sprout and LazyTown characters, Chica and Sportacus!

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Pajanimals Playtime

Turn bedtime into fun time with The Pajanimals! Preschoolers will love playing games with all their friends from The Pajanimals show on Sprout.

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Good Night Star

Your preschooler can practice their bedtime routine with, Star. Brush Star's teeth, wash Star's Face, read a Sprouterrific story to Star and get him ready for bed.

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Doodle Dots

Introducing a fun new activity for your preschooler from the Noodle and Doodle show on Sprout! Your child can use their noodle to connect the dots on their own doodle pad.

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Ruff Ruff Tweet and Dave

Starting February 14th, play along with Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave as you watch! Create your very own music, explore their crafts studio and jump in your Rollypod to race the gang. FREE

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