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    Hi there! We made some recent changes to the Sprout Privacy Policy because, as the newest member of the NBCUniversal family, we decided we should look and feel like the rest of the crew. So what’s new, you ask? For starters, you’ll notice the NBCUniversal overall policy contains new children’s sections for Sprout and our new Universal Kids site, including descriptions of when and how we may collect data from kids. We also added updated contact information in case you want to reach out to us. Our goal is to make the sections directed towards kids both easy to read and understand, and we think we’ve done a great job. And we hope you do too!

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    Celebrate your Sproutlet's birthday by mailing us a homemade birthday card. Then tune in to the Sunny Side Up Show weekdays at 9am EST for a chance to see your card on TV! You can also click on the Send to Sprout Link above to send a birthday wish!

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    Make your homemade card. Here are some helpful tips:

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    Get a Release Form via e-mail.

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    You must have an account to get the release form. Don't have an account?

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    Mail in your homemade card and signed release form.

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    You must include the signed release form with your birthday card. Entries are accepted by mail only. Entries are accepted by mail only and must be mailed at least 2 weeks prior to your child’s birthday. Please mail cards to:

    PO Box 1450
    Blue Bell, PA 19422

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    Tune in!

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    Watch the Sunny Side Up Show and The Good Night Show on your child's birthday and you may see your card on TV!